7 poolside must haves this summer!

1. A good sunscreen

Sunscreen is essential by the pool, lake, ocean, long walks, etc. I’m sure we all know someone who has been affected by skin cancer so put that sunscreen on! Also, who wants to look all leathery and wrinkly when they’re older?! Take care of the skin you have.

2. A good self-tanner

We know the importance of sunscreen, but we want to look sun kissed too. Enter: self-tanner!

3. A swimsuit that makes you feel like a rockstar


1. Summersalt // 2. J. Crew // 3. Aerie // 4. Madewell

You ARE a rockstar. You deserve to feel that way no matter what you are wearing. I’m a one-piece fan but find what makes you feel great and rock that swimsuit, dammit!

4. Pool-safe glassware for your summer cocktails

Laying by the pool means you need something to help cool you down. Whether that’s a cocktail or mocktail, you’ll want to make sure your glass isn’t actually made of glass.

5. Post swim haircare

Chemicals in the pool can be harsh on our hair, so make sure you add plenty of extra moisture and maybe a mask after pool time.

6. Fun sunglasses + hats!

I’m a fan of fun shaped sunglasses, even though my husband makes fun of me. You do you, babe.

7. Reading material

The kindle paper white is my favorite way to read poolside. The screen makes it easy to use indoors or out and you can connect it to your library card for unlimited book possibilities!


That’s it! Hope y’all are enjoying this summer heat! Xo, Rachel

Deals of the week!

Copy of More Natural Favorites (5)

1. J. Crew Beaded tassel earrings – 50% off plus another 20% with code 1DAYONLY

2. Amazon Fire Stick with Alexa – $40 (normally $50!) and would be great for Father’s Day!

3. Old Navy Toddler T-shirts – starting at $4 – we have a ton!

4. O.R.G. Skincare Oxygen Cleanser with Collagen – $22 (50% off!)

5. Jesus Storybook Bible – $10 (normally $19) Lainey loves this Bible and it makes me cry every time we read it!

6. Basic kimono – $24 (originally $48)

5 things I’ve learned in 5 years of marriage

5 things I've learned in 5 years of marriage

Bryan and I celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary on May 17! We also celebrated our 9 year dating anniversary. We started dating, were engaged, and were married all on May 17, two years apart. Marriage has been everything I imagined and nothing I expected all at the same time. Here are five things I’ve learned in the last five years of marriage.

1. Marriage will sanctify you. 

All of the good, the bad, and the ugly about yourself will be reflected and magnified tenfold. If you let it, this can change you in the best ways. You’ll have to do the hard work of growing into the person you were meant to be but you’ll have your best friend beside you reminding you of the good you don’t necessarily see.


2. You will laugh more than you ever thought possible.

When you spend so much time with someone, you begin to find even the most mundane things hilarious. There have been times where Bryan and I are doubled over with laughter about absolutely nothing! We find each other funny and most of the time I’m not sure why.


3. You will cry more than you ever thought possible. 

This person will make you more angry than you ever thought you could be. And it will be something as simple as an old cup of coffee on the nightstand that will set you off. You will say things that hurt the other person just because you know you can and you will have to learn how to forgive.


4. You will come up with some weird nicknames. 

We call each other bean and I have no idea why or how we got there!


5. You will have to choose each other each morning (and maybe multiple more times throughout the day). 

Marriage is so wonderful but very difficult. You will learn to turn your focus outward and serve your spouse, especially when you don’t want to. Some days this will come easily and other days it won’t. Wake up and choose each other and half the battle has been won.


Happy belated anniversary to my big bean.

xo, Rachel

rachel reviews | 14 day detox tea

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Ok so I started this 14 day detox tea when I was like 4 weeks postpartum and really feeling like shit about myself – let’s just get that out there. I even did a “before” weight just to see if this affected it. I was cleared by my doctor so I knew I could start exercising, yada yada. I honestly was hoping for a quick fix to jumpstart weight loss. However, when I pulled out the scale to do my “after” weight the battery died! I took that as I sign that I should just measure how I feel about myself and the answer is: I feel great!

I think this tea would be a great way to kind of reset after a vacation, holiday season, etc. I’m not a doctor and I don’t know if there’s any actual science to this stuff but I did feel better after drinking the tea each day. It also helped me think about the choices I made throughout the day. When I was pregnant, I wasn’t allowed to exercise which just meant that I kind of gave up and started eating whatever I wanted. So after ten months of that, I really needed a bit of a reset.


  • I felt better after drinking the tea (not as “heavy” feeling/bloated throughout the day)
  • I made better food choices!
  • The price! Only about $14, where other detox teas run as high as $50 or $60.
  • The taste! I am not a tea drinker and I think it tastes great.


  • I don’t think I lost any weight from it – though my scale broke so who knows.

That’s really the only con! If you are a tea drinker (even if you aren’t) I would definitely recommend this tea. I even drink it occasionally now, i.e. not a part of a 14 day detox. If you give it a try, let me know what you think!

xo, Rachel

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Men are hard to shop for, am I right?! Hoping these gift ideas help you out this Father’s Day!

Father’s Day for the sports enthusiast:

Copy of More Natural Favorites (4)

1. Spikeball

2. Basketball Hoop Mug

3. Weighted Running Pack

4. Corn Hole (a classic!)


Father’s Day for the techie:


1. Tile Key Finder (anyone else’s husband lose everything?!)

2. Wireless Speaker – can be mounted on anything and also serves as a wallet!

3. Charging Station

4. Portable Cinema – pricey but how cool!


Father’s Day for the fashion forward (or maybe one who needs some fashion help!):

Copy of More Natural Favorites (3)

1. Dad hat

2. Patagonia baggies swim shorts

3. Leather sneakers

4. Backpack


Father’s Day for the manscaper:


1. Skincare kit

2. Body wash

3. Beard oil

4. Shave kit


Father’s Day for the foodie: 

Copy of More Natural Favorites (2)

1. Mike’s Hot Honey

2. Chef’s knife

3. Dual charger and mug warmer/cooler

4. Water bottle with snack storage


Enjoy! xo, Rachel