a gift guide for the men in your life!

Men can be hard to shop for, but I think I’ve found some gifts the men in your life will be excited to open. Well, as excited as they get at least – which for Bryan means I’ll get an “Oh, cool!”

1. Why are men so obsessed with fried things? Who knows, but this air fryer will be a huge hit for sure!

2. Ok I have a lot of friends whose husbands travel and Bryan has started traveling more now that Press is expanding. This Carry-On Garment Bag is classy AF and holds all of the things someone would need for a few days away! There’s a place for hanging clothes, shoes, folded clothes, laptop, etc.

3. Ok I found this Neck Massager through blogger, Dani Austin! It looks hilarious but gets amazing reviews! Bryan is literally always asking for a back rub so maybe I can get out of that now – ha!

4. Who doesn’t love a good pair of sneaks? These Cole Haan Sneakers are nice quality and can be dressed up or down.

5. Ok this Nike Vest is a little funky but occasionally I like to help Bryan think out of the box a bit!

6. I don’t really get the whole cooler phenomenon either but apparently getting a Yeti Cooler is THE gift for guys!

7. Men deserve great (and safe!) skin care too! A good start would be the Counterman Beard Regimen – and there are products for our non-bearded friends too!

8. Ok I asked Bryan for ONE recommendation and he said Grill Grates . Apparently normal grill grates have to be replaced and these are aluminum or something which essentially means they’re made out of grilling gold and will last through the apocalypse. So I think I know what I’ll be getting Bryan for Christmas!


Good luck shopping!

xo, Rachel

baby, toddler, + kid gift guides!

Have I mentioned that gifts are my favorite? Listen, I appreciate the sentiment of “Let’s focus on the reason for the season and go gift free this year!” but I also know that some people (hi, me!) love giving gifts. It’s important to focus on quality over quantity for me, but some people do tons of little gifts and that’s ok too. There is not a right or wrong answer when it comes to gift giving – do what is best for you and your family.

That being said, here are my favorite gifts for babies, toddlers, + kids!

*Disclaimer – some links below are affiliate links. That means I’ll make a small commission if you purchase via that link! Just trying to feed the family 😉 

1. This kyte baby sleep sack is THE COZIEST thing I have ever felt. It’s nice and long so I think it’ll definitely fit Emmy next year too. Did I mention it’s SO COZY???

2. I will never not suggest books books books! Yes, even for the little babes. Just the presence of books in the home has such a huge impact on student success later on. and there are so many good ones out there – we love “Beautiful Oops!”

3. Because baby’s sight is still developing, these high contrast black and white cards are perfect for your wee littles!

4. And as they start to grow and walk, this walker will be great! I love that it also comes with blocks so it’s multifunctional!

5. Need something to keep the baby entertained while you sneak a quick shower?? The sophie rattle will do that for you! I don’t know why babies love Sophie so much but I love that this rattle is more interactive than the regular Sophie.

6. Have someone who likes to buy practical gifts? The baby essentials bundle is perfect for that!

7. Bath toys are always a hit in this house! Be forewarned – these toys might lead to wanting to take a 45 minute bath!

8. Finally, this activity table has taken us through Lainey as a infant, transitioned to a regular table when she was a toddler, and is now back to an activity seat for Emmy! We love it so much, my parents bought one for their house too!

1. I might completely regret this but I think Lainey would love this wooden drum set! I love wooden toy sets  because they don’t clash with my decor – ha!

2. Ok, the nugget couch is a cult favorite and is often sold out! I’d suggest signing up for email notifications if you are interested in snagging one.

3. Lainey loves her alphabet puzzle and I love this one that comes with the upper and the lower case letters.

4. Have I mentioned that kids of all ages should be surrounded with books??

5. I found this coloring book and markers recently and fell in love! It’s wipeable so the kiddos can color to their hearts content and then wipe it off and color some more. Genius.

6. We also recently got this wooden rocker which is the perfect toy for Lainey to grow in to.

7. I just can’t with how cute these dress up sets are! I like this dress up set or this one!

8. Lainey could spend all day outside! I think she would love this tricycle!


1. You can’t beat some quality outdoor swinging time! Our neighbors have this swing and we sneak over and use it sometimes! It’s so fun!

2. This interactive osmo for iPad kit is a great way to use technology in a purposeful way!

3. Everyone in this house loves magnetic tiles (Bryan most of all)! They are another great gift for any age.

4. Did y’all have a pogo stick when you were growing up?? I used to love this thing and think it would make a great present this Christmas!

5. Am I a broken record yet?? You should get your kids some books! The DogMan series is extremely popular and the newest book is available for pre-order now. It comes out December 10 so it’ll be here in time for Christmas!

6. Want to teach your kids how to code? The ozobot is the best beginner coding robot for kids! You don’t need a device to operate it – just use the markers that it comes with. My students, kinder to sixth grade, all love it!

7. Got someone on your list who is into art? I love this pixel art kit because it has endless possibilities!

8. Finally, good ole’ puzzles and board games – you can’t go wrong! This tetris  puzzle could keep the kiddos entertained for a while!


Non-gift gifts: 

We are asking for gymnastics lessons for Lainey from my parents! Lessons can be pricey so it makes for a great gift!

Other ideas include:

  • a membership of some sort (zoo, museum, arboretum)
  • babysitting (ok this one is for mom and dad)
  • a subscription service like Literati, KiwiCo, etc.


Obviously this list is not exhaustive, but I hope it helps you get some ideas for the smaller people in your life!

xo, Rachel


Y’all. I love gifts. I love giving them, I love receiving them, I love picking out gifts. My love language is gifts (in case you couldn’t tell!) and I’m super PUMPED to put these gift guides together!

Over the next few weeks I’ll be putting together guides for…

  • Babies, toddlers, and kids
  • Grandparents
  • Teachers
  • The men and women in your life
  • Those who are impossible to shop for!
  • And obviously – gifts for you!



xo, Rachel