2020 reads + 2021 challenge!

This last year I challenged myself to reading 46 books – double what I had read in 2019. Though it was down to the last second, I did it!

I have loved reading ever since I was a girl. My parents would ground me from reading when I got in trouble. I devoured book after book for years. And then *boom* trauma happened and even reading became too difficult. At the sign of any conflict in a book, I would clam up – fearful to feel whatever hurt these fictional characters were going to feel. I stopped reading as much. And then pretty much stopped all together. When I finally was able to start picking up books again, sometime after Lainey had come home, I made my “only happy things” rule. That helped me ease back into my bookish ways.

Though I still stick pretty closely to my rule, I am slowly allowing myself to feel things again. That being said, I do love a good rom-com and I definitely judge a book by it’s cover – oops!

Here are my 2020 reads:

My goal in 2021 is to read 52 books – a book a week! I made this challenge tracker so feel free to download it and make sure you tag me!

I’m already three books into my goal this year and they have all been a delight. You can follow my reads on instagram under the “books on books” highlight OR let’s be friends on goodreads!

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